M                    Dear Sue,  Thanks are not enough.  When I came to see you I was in such a dark place.  You have with gentle, patient and very professional care, changed my life.  I will be back again in a shot if I need you.

  NR                  When I first came to see Susan I did not know who I was, how to be myself, I was an empty shell. All I knew was fear, and I was terrified of my past. I could not function.  Susan listened and helped me to feel safe,  talking through how I felt and dealing with my past.  I learnt to accept myself and overcome my greatest fears, something I was convinced at times was not possible.   I was terrified to do what I wanted, felt I was bad, not good enough and not worth helping even if I was dying a gutter. I have learned to have the confidence to be myself without worrying what other people think of me, I perform as a singer regularly and feel free and happy to be me.

  SA                   Thank you so much for your support and expertise E truly is a happier brighter young man for having seen you and we have our son back!

  JH                      M has assured me that she feels so well that she doesnt need to rebook.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for working with her over the last few weeks.  What a change we have seen in her

  ED                      Thank you for your help before my flight, things have definitely improved.  I felt pretty relaxed pre flight and wasn't exhausted post flight which I usually am.  I did still have quite high anxiety at take off but quickly calmed down once cruising and it was nowhere near the usual level of fear. I don't dread the thought of flying now though, so can look forward to holidays, trips.  Thank you so much for helping me to be able to do that.

  MP                    "I went to see Susan after finding her website on the internet, I had been doing some research into Gastric Mind Bands and found that Susan could carry this procedure out under hypnosis. It took me two weeks to pluck the courage up to phone her, and it was only after a disaserous shopping trip for clothes and me feeling so much hate for myself and out of control with my eating, that I called her. Today I have just had my 4th session and the gastric band surgery carried out under hypnosis, I feel fantastic, I have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks, I look in the mirror and see the person I used to see, the happy smiley funny person that didnt have any issues with food and was back in control of what I ate, I no longer comfort eat and I like myself again, my biggest success is that Susan has helped me cure my addiction to Diet Coke, I drank 26 cans of coke in 3 days a month ago, and I write this today with not having one sip since my first session with her. Susan helped me overcome my fear of skin contact, that I had developed since the birth of my last child 6 years ago, and on my last session today I was able to hug her with no issue what so ever. I highly recommend Susan to you, please do not hesitate and waste weeks wondering shall I phone her, I wished I had called her the first time I found her website. x"

  JC                   Would like to say a massive thankyou for all your help, I felt like i had lost control of my life and with your help I feel in control and much happier."

  JH                   I would just like to say seeing Susan has helped me turn all my worries depression with anxiety to a much happier,brighter life now with all the therapy I've had before, it has really been great for me. Susan has been the best therapist I have ever seen over time. No more down days or can't cope days now just getting on with day to day life is wonderfull, if anyone out there is not coping Susan really can help you too. Thank you again Susan x

   K                 Thank you so much for seeing me last week, I can't explain how helpful it has been and how already I have noticed changes in my approach to communication with certain people. I seem different and a lot calmer and content. The Reiki was great too, I was so chilled and actually feel more energetic than I have done in ages.

   C                  I just wanted to tell you that i have felt so peaceful with myself since i came to see you. I woke up this morning and my stomach didnt go over and my husband asked how i felt and i told him i felt happy! My head has been quiet today and my tummy hasnt gone over once.  I could think more clearly at work because i seemed to be able to concentrate better and i had a good day.   Thankyou

  CB                   When I was driving to Susans for my first appointment i was feeling really nervous and apprehensive. 'What if when i got to her i didnt know how to explain to her what I was feeling and suppose it sounded silly when I did?' I shouldnt have worried because from the minute I met her she made me feel totally at ease and along with her lovely therapy room I felt totally relaxed. When I went to Susan I just wanted to be happy and at peace with myself, and after only a few sessions with her, I had already begun to feel a change, and this was a really lovely feeling to feel like I was finally gaining control of myself and my life. What made this feeling even better was that my family and friends also noticed a change in me. I now feel that I have a new lease on life. I cannot put into words how Susan has helped me, she is great at her job, and my only regret is that I hadnt been to see her sooner.

  LC                I am sending you this to say a big thankyou. I went out friday night for the first time for a long  time.  I had a great night with no problems and this was all down to you. Thankyou for helping me.

  NL            "I would like to recomend Sue and Mind Matters. I have smoked for 26 years, since I was 11 years old. So all my adult life and most of my memories have cigarettes in them.  I have previously tried patches and prescription tablets zyban and have not managed to give up. I went to see Sue on 1st July 2008 and have not smoked since. She made me feel at ease in a kind and friendly, yet very proffessional way.  Sue gave me ways of coping with my emotional and associated attachments to cigarette.  I can once again run without stopping for air!!!     Thanks you Sue. You have changed my life for the better."

  KS                The last few months have been an amazing whirlwind, thanks to you and the progress you have helped me make.  I am truly, for the first time in my life content, happy, enjoying myself and loving being in my own skin.  I am in the first healthy relationship I have ever been in and really like it.  I am so so happy, and totally embracing life.  Thankyou for everything, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

  JC                I was really struggling with mind problems. Depression, low self-esteem and self torment are just three examples of them, which was making life extremely difficult to cope with. Sue really did get me through the most difficult time of my life.  Sue really is the most understanding, caring, kind and compassionate person, who is a true natural at the job she does so well.  Now my life is back on track!  Thankyou so much Sue x

  HG                I decided to try reiki massage to help me relax. Susan is such a kind and caring person and she put me totally at ease. Within a few moments of her starting I began to feel very sleepy I was very surprised how powerful the reiki effect was! Susan told me to relax and I within another moment I was drifting off into a beautiful sleep. When I woke I felt fantastic with all my tensions and stresses relieved. I found the whole experience wouderful and have been back for many sessions feeling fabulous after each one! Susan you are amazing I can't recommend you highly enough! The sessions have really improved my life.

HG            Susan is a wonderful, kind and compassionate person. She is also a very skilled hypnotherapist who helped me relax and be myself. Susan's therapy and friendliness combined with her ability to talk through any and all problems have resulted in my becoming a happy, healthy and relaxed young man. Thanks Susan!    Truly Exceptional

  DH              I had been struggling to control an addiction, with limited success, for many years. The course of sessions I had with Sue, added the final pieces to a jigsaw, which I had never previously been able to finish. My life is now better in every way, and I feel really confident about the future. Our sessions together certainly helped considerably in getting me to this point. I would recommend her unhurried and friendly approach to anybody.   Highly Recommended

  JS                 I am writing to say a big thankyou for helping me to stop smoking.  I have never experienced hypnosis before in my life and must say I am very surprised at the results.  I have been a smoker for the past 28 years and am now going into my fifth week as a non smoker.  I would not hesistate to recommend your services to anybody else, which may need help in any way.  Once again a BIG BIG THANKYOU.

  GW                I have been to the dentist today.  It was brilliant, no problems.  What can I say, I told the people in the waiting room about it, just so pleased it was so easy.  My dentist is very impressed especially when I told him I saw you only once,  he has other patients who may benefit from your techniques as I did.   Many thanks.

  TM                I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me to quit smoking.  I am doing really well now and want to thankyou very much for what you have done for me.

  AP                I found Sue pleasant and easy to talk to and cant believe that I overcame my phobia in just one session. Having suffered for such a long time it has made such a difference to my life. I didn't think it was possible. Highly recommended, thankyou Sue! X        

JC                I have been on anti depressants for 7 years. After my time with sue I no longer take them and have learned to take control of my life. You were the light at the end of my tunnel. Thankyou Sue I owe you so much!!!   Highly recommended

  ST                  I was bought for my birthday a back and neck massage. What a wonderful experience. I've had a few massages and this is definitely one of the best I've had - I am defintely going to monthly treat. Susan is a very nice and professional person and certainly makes you feel comfortable. I'm going to book to have reflexology - which I am looking forward to.

Simon        This is dedicated to a diamond that sparkles with and through the stars above into the darkness.  I look upon only to find a ray of light that I am at times nearly too blind to see.  The light shines down on me, giving me strength, hope and the will to carry on, to see clearly the sky for what it is I've never seen before, bits maybe but thats been few and far between.    Sue you are that star, I look above and know that I will always be blessed with love, and my pain walks down a one way street, there's an angel that helps me through, and to reflect on life and its journey that one undertakes, upon all odds   - and when I am lying in my bed, thoughts running through my head, through it all she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection whether I'm right or wrong.    And do you know why I called that star angels? because that diamond does more than just shine and sparkle;  now the light of light stays with me for now each time for longer.  I look and as I do light in the night fills me with inspiration.   Diamond in the night that catches my light.


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