The therapeutic use of Essential Oils is Balancing Calming and Healing to Mind Body and Soul. 

Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy and is brilliant for health and relaxation.  As well as being an excellent stress reliever, massage has been proven beneficial for treating sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, immunity suppression,  stress and depression, headaches  to name just a few benefits.

Aromatherapy massage is carried out using oils especially blended for you and your specific needs.  The oils are absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.  The immune system is improved and deep relaxation is experienced . Inhalation of the oils also enhances their use during massage giving a sense of well being.

The warmed stones are Basalt, which is an igneous rock.  They have an energy that promotes a harmonising and cleansing effect creating a meditative state of calm and quiet.  It has been said that every  movement with a stone is equal to 10 with the hands. 

M  uscle tension is relieved

A  ids relaxation and tones the body's tissues
S  tiff aching joints are relieved

S  oothes nerve endings promoting deep relaxation

A  ids elimination of toxins & waste products naturally by increasing circulation   
G  ently exfoliates the skin leaving it  softer and smoother                      
E  ncourages the flow of blood and  lymph 
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